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Using Styles Styles can help you easily format text and keep the formatting consistent throughout the web.
Applying Themes to Specific Pages This "trick" enables you to select multiple pages at the same time to apply a theme
Is That Page Saved? Here's how you'll always know


Using Styles

With your mouse in line paragraph you want to format, choose any of the predefined styles from the styles pull down menu. These styles are defined by the theme.

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Applying Themes to Specific Pages

Using the Folders view, you can click on one page in the folder list, hold down the Ctrl key and continue clicking on various pages. When finished selecting the pages, choose Themes from the Format menu.

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Is That Page Saved?

You can check to see what pages are still unsaved by going to the Window menu. All the pages followed by an asterisk (*) are unsaved pages. When you choose one of these pages save it quickly by holding down the Ctrl key and pressing the "S" key. You won't get any bells indicating you've saved the page but if you check the Window menu you'll see the asterisk has been removed.

Note: In version 2002 you don't have to go to the Window menu, the asterisk appears on the page tab.

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