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Hot PowerPoint Tips 


Duplicating Objects Better than copy and paste
Adding Sound to a Presentation Play music throughout the presentation
Viewing the Master Easy way to switch between slide view and master
Starting a Slide Show Automatically Opens the file in the slide show view
Promote and demote text from the keyboard Allows you to increase or decrease the indent from the keyboard
Graphics crawling through the slide Cool effect that had a graphic go from the bottom through the slide or from the left through to the right, try it.


Duplicating Objects

Most people know how to copy and paste objects. The duplicate command not only copies and pastes in one keystroke but it also copies relative positions. 

  1. Select the object to be copied
  2. Hold down the Ctrl key and type D
  3. Move the new object to its new location
  4. Hold down the Ctrl key and type D. The new object will be in the same relative position as the previous object.


After moving the duplicated object

After step 4 - using the Ctrl + D command to duplicate object and relative position

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Adding Sound to a Presentation

Music can be playing the entire time a presentation is running. The sound has to be added to the first slide. To avoid viewing the sound icon, move it to the pasteboard area of the slide.

  1. From the Insert menu choose Movies and Sound and then Sounds from File (MIDI files work well for this)
  2. The music icon is inserted on the slide.
  3. Drag the icon off the slide onto the gray pasteboard area around the slide.

  4. Right-click the music icon and choose Custom Animation
  5. In the custom animation dialog box click the Multimedia Settings
  6. Make sure "Continue slide show" while playing is selected
  7. In the After xxx slides box insert the total number of slides in your document. This will insure that the music plays throughout your presentation.

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Viewing the Master

While you can choose to view the master from the view menu, master, slide master you can easily get to the master by holding the Shift key down while clicking the slide view button in the lower left corner of the screen

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Starting a Slide Show Automatically

You can set a document to start up in a slide show automatically when the document is double-clicked

  1. Save the document
  2. In the Save as type pull down menu choose PowerPoint Show

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Promote and demote text from the keyboard

When working with bulleted text in PowerPoint you can use the promote or demote arrows on the keyboard to move the text up or down the five predefined levels. This can also be accomplished from the keyboard

bulletTo demote (move text the the right) press the Tab key before typing the bulleted item
bulletTo promote (move text to the left) hold down the Shift key and press the Tab key before typing the bulleted item

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Graphics crawling through the slide

This cool effect allows a graphic to appear to move through a slide from side to side or bottom to top. 

bulletPosition the graphic on the pasteboard outside the slide area

bulletAssign the graphic the crawl effect 
(in the slide pictured above the effect would be crawl from left)
bulletWhen showing the presentation the graphic crawls across and off the slide

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