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Hot Publisher Tip 

Nudging Objects Need to move objects in small increments? Check this out
Zoom in and out Check this one out
Non-breaking spaces Need to keep words together, try this
Non-breaking lines Similar to spaces but keeps paragraph formatting from interfering
Grouping objects Need to keep multiple objects together, than group them
Duplicating Objects While you can copy and paste, this is faster

Nudging Objects

To move objects in small increments...

  1. Select the object by clicking on it once
  2. Hold down the Alt key on your keyboard and press a directional arrow key on your keyboard. 

The object will move a pixel at at time in the direction of the arrow key.

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Zoom in and Out 

Need to zoom in and out to check out your work? Use the F9 key on the keyboard to quickly change magnifications.

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Inserting Non-Breaking Spaces 

In page setup programs like Publisher, it's often necessary to keep words together, such as "Mr. Paul Jones". You don't want the Mr. to be at the end of one line and Paul Jones on the next. While this can be accomplished by pressing the Enter key that's not advisable. If you edit the text you might end up with strange line breaks. Instead insert a non-breaking space between the words. 

To insert a non-breaking space

  1. Remove any spaces 
  2. Hold down the Shift and Ctrl keys and press the Spacebar


To see these special spaces, choose Special Characters from the View menu.

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Inserting Non-Breaking Lines 

Non-Breaking lines, sometimes called "soft returns", create a new line within the same paragraph. These are sometimes preferable if you have created styles with additional space before and/or after the paragraph.

To insert a soft return, hold down the Shift key while pressing the Enter key. 


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Grouping Objects 

Need to group a few objects to make it easier to move and resize them? Click on the first object, hold down the Shift key and click on the second and all subsequent objects. Release the Shift key and click the group objects icon that appears below the selected objects.

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Duplicating Objects 

Want to duplicate objects without copying and pasting? Use the Ctrl key! Select an object by clicking the mouse on it. Hold down the Ctrl key and drag your mouse to another area on the screen. A copy of the selected object is created.

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